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Living By Faith

“People will wander everywhere, seeking the Word of the Lord… but will not find it” ( Amos 8:11,12) Many Christians through the ages, have sincerely sought after holiness and victory over sin by taking up their ...

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Things to Do While You’re Still Single

A bucket list for before you tie the knot.

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The Science Of Infidelity: 14 Reasons People Cheat

A sad reality that many must face in relationships is that we can’t control what our mates do.  Even though you might do your best to fulfill their needs, ultimately it’s up to them if they’re ...

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Running on Fumes

Do we keep our spiritual tanks just above empty? Do we have just enough fuel to not stall, but not enough to travel an adequate distance on our journey? We must keep our spiritual tanks full ...

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5 Ways to Wait on God Well

Times of waiting are inevitable, but they don't have to be miserable.

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5 Bad Reasons to Get Married

Not all reasons for getting married are created equal.

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What Level Of Intimacy Should There Be Before Marriage?

Does the Bible limit the amount and kind of intimacy that men and women should have before marriage?  If so, what are these limits? The Sanctity of Marriage Hebrews 13:4 “Let marriage be held in honor ...

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