Understanding the third person of the Holy Trinity is important to every life of the believer. One key to this is communication. Here are 10 ways the Holy Spirit talks to us.

1. Follow Your Peace
Colossians 3:15, shows us that peace acts as an umpire for our decision making. Peace or lack thereof about something is a way the Holy Spirit helps to guide our next step.
2. Confirmation
The Holy Spirit gives confirmation when we are following the will of God for our lives. It’s one way He encourages us on our journey.
3. Pictures and Imagery
Some of us are just visual people and the Holy Spirit knows this. He will use pictures and imagery to get our spiritual attention about something.
4.Inner Voice or Prompting
If you have ever heard a voice or felt something on the inside warning you or bringing you to an immediate halt, this is how the Holy Spirit alerts us to a situation that may draw us away from God’s will for our life. He also uses this to grow us in the gift of discernment.
5. Orchestrated Situations
“Everything just fell into place,” is usually said when the Holy Spirit is allowed to orchestrate God’s perfect will for our lives. This happens when we submit our will to God’s. The seamlessness of events is one of His ways of letting you know He’s there.
6. Worship
Worshipping is a powerful means of Holy Spirit communication. When we allow our spirit to fully connect to the Holy Spirit amazing things can happen!
7. Prayer
Regular prayer time is a way to talk to the Holy Spirit about life and get Heaven’s game plan for your life.
8. Early Morning Listening
That’s right, first thing in the morning turn your ear and your heart toward the Lord. Everyone has a fresh Word waiting for them daily, some just choose not to listen.
9. Memory
Sometimes the Holy Spirit will bring an event, a person or a situation to memory. In some cases this is an area that is hindering you from walking in full harmony with God. Unforgiveness, trauma or an offense caused are just some examples.
10. Reading the Bible
The Holy Spirit will never contradict the Word of God. Always read your Bible to align what you hear so you can be confident it’s Him.


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